Buying mattresses from a small business..

Like I have said in many of my blogs. I approach every topic from a business and from a customers perspective. I have sold divan beds and mattresses within the Barnsley area for a number of years. Having met customers from a variety of backgrounds. Buying local is not about your wealth. Small businesses are without doubt more approachable and offer customer service to an impeccable standard through sheer pride of representing their own future. My business and many of my competitors offer excellent mattresses at a fraction of the major retailers. It isn’t just about making a sale and taking the profit. It goes beyond that. Repeat custom and having the reassuring feeling that a customer has been served from purchase to delivery with the highest level of professionalism is what makes me take pride in my company. A major retailer hires staff who are payed a set salary and see the business they work for as what it is. A job. Customers are just a statistic that contributes to the obscene profit mark up of their products. False sales and constant marketing strategies. Businesses like mine represent themselves. Working on every business aspect from accounts to sales. You will save money buying locally and should you ever encounter a problem of any kind. We are always there to help.

About Barnsley Mattress Direct…

My company Barnsley Mattress Direct has built up an exceptional reputation locally. Our reviews are all 5 star.

We sell mattresses from budget to 2000 pocket spring. Delivery will be within 72 hours of ordering (Usually next day).

I do not believe in a working day when it comes to replying to messages via SMS or social media. I understand people work many different shift patterns. So I will reply as quickly as possible to answer any questions about a mattress.

If you see this blog check out our Facebook page @barnsleymattressdirect. Give us a like. And see our wide range of mattresses we have to offer.

One of my best selling mattresses. The ‘Aspire’ range… The Aspire mattress is popular with my customers for many reasons.

It is a quality well manufactured mattress at a price to suit everyone. It has a depth of 8 inches. It is an open coil unit with deep quilting (dual side). It is made with hypoallergenic fabrics & tufted giving you extra support and aiding the mattress in keeping its shape over the years.

Perfect for a spare room or if you are on a budget. The aspire has a nice medium feel.

Our prices for the aspire:

Single £50, double £60, kingsize £85.

Many local bed shops will sell this mattress out at over £100 for a double.

Free local delivery. (Barnsley)

Value for money

Having spent years trying to figure out what a customer actually wants when purchasing a product. I have found no real answer. I respect the fact each person is different. My approach to business has been the same throughout. I set up my business based on many factors personal to me. From day one I set out to offer my mattresses at lowest possible prices offering a FREE local delivery service. Many hours outside of the working day creating posts on social media. Creating websites and no matter what time of day I answer each message I receive as quickly as possible.

I take pride in the fact I have never received a negative review or a single complaint on a mattress sold by my company.

I have dealt with many customers over the years. Made myself approachable and made each customer my priority. Without the general public a business cannot succeed. FACT.

My aim of the company I own has sometimes been my down fall in many ways. What I am saying here is, I sell online and with the low prices I have set. People see the posts etc and think how can this company sell at a fraction of the price of a major retailer. They believe it is too good to be true!

My business in an online retailer. We select the mattresses we are proud to put our business name to.

I urge people to connect and enquire about a product with businesses like mine. It is not a scam or false advertising. It is how the retail world has evolved. Competition for sales no matter the product is as intense as ever.

Go back to the 1990’s and a three piece suite was costing thousands. A plasma TV would cost two thousand pounds. People bragged about how much they spent. Fast forward 10 years. A 50 inch television can be bought for £400. A three piece suite can be purchased for as little as £399. People now brag about how much they save.

Do not for one minute believe I am suggesting I am not in business to make profit and be successful. I am! I’m ambitious, but businesses can be destroyed a lot quicker than succeeding.

I set about each working day knowing in my heart I am selling mattresses made to the highest standard at an extremely fair price.

I wish any business nothing but success if they are honest and offer an excellent customer service!

Do NOT be scared to purchase a mattress online!

Buying online is the way the retail industry has been heading for years. The internet has changed everything.It just makes sense. Whether we like it or not. Every adult, has a smart phone with internet access. It enables you to purchase everything with the tap of a button.I’ve had retail outlets and as a small business owner with a property selling my beds and mattresses, My business would only survive with online sales contributing to the general public who purchase in store. Selling online is not just about having a website. Social media is the most powerful platform for many retailers & wholesalers.For example I have ran a successful Facebook page selling my products at a fair price. I have spent years dealing with customers through email, SMS & messenger.Business is about maintaining the trust between the customer and the company supplying their mattress.I understand people have been ripped off and then suddenly changed their perspective of buying online.The best thing you, the customer can do, is if you come across a business page on Facebook for example. Read the reviews. See the business contact details. Call them, ask questions regarding the product you have seen.Listen to how they communicate, verbally or how they respond to a message.Make it personal.The customer is always right. That will never change. However, a company that sells via a website or social media will still enforce it’s own policies. A company that stands by it’s own principles will be the company that helps you the most.I sell mattresses online. I have sold many without deposit. Delivered and no answer. Not only is it frustrating it isn’t fair to the customer I turned down because I had booked the no show customer in for that delivery slot.If they require a deposit via bank transfer etc. It is a policy. It is not a scam or an insult. It is how other customers gave a business no other option than to enforce a deposit policy when purchasing.Buying online saves you money. That is a fact.A good business will help explain any questions you have and explain a policy they have in place.

Diamond 1000 pillow top mattress

Here is an extremely popular mattress from Barnsley Mattress Direct.

Yes it is my company. Yes it is a mattress we sell. Yes we do believe it is one incredible mattress at one hell of a price.

Why is it so special?

We are not the only company to sell this mattress. Many other local businesses throughout the UK offer this particular product however they may change the name.

First of all the Diamond 1000 is a luxury mattress offering an exceptional amount of support over many years along with incredible comfort.

Remember we choose to sell mattresses we select for online sales.

It has a depth of thirteen inches. 1000 individual pocket springs. 30mm reflex foam. 3 inch elasticated memory foam pillow top. Air flow border with vents and handles.

Customers who have purchased this product have been extremely happy with their Diamond 1000.

Facebook page is @barnsleymattressdirect

The ‘mattress in a box’ craze…

This is a new & extremely fascinating topic for me.

I like to weigh up the pros & cons before posting my opinion based purely from a business perspective.

My opinion changes daily when researching these ‘mattress in a box’ companies.

The obvious pro point from my perspective is the idea of a mattress being delivered in a box which will eliminate what can be a major struggle carrying a mattress up flights of stairs etc.

The biggest con point (Again from my perspective) is the retail price. I have worked alongside many manufacturing companies and sold many what I will label as ‘luxury mattresses’.

For example a 12″ depth, pocket spring mattress with many layers of quality fillings is far too substantial to be vacuum packed into a box. Even if it could be the weight would still be quite heavy.

The point I am creating here is something I cannot get passed. I see the price tag for a double mattress in a box. £699 (average cost) and see just another product with the same pricing technique major retailers use.

Many of these mattress in a box companies offer 100 night free trials. Free pillows. Discount codes. I see the appeal from an advertising perspective however I’m speaking to the customer when I say ‘how!?’

Do not think this is because the company is confident in the product they have created. It is purely a selling technique that if you buy in to, can have many reprocussions.

You take the 100 night free trial. Over 3 months! A slight mark. A spill. All impact the purchase and if you have the unfortunate but very realistic chance of spilling a drop of your bed time cup of tea. Results in the company having a valid reason to deny return. So what happens? YOU HAVE TO BUY THE MATTRESS.

Not just any mattress, not one that you really wanted. One that purely used a scheme to rope you in to taking a chance on it.

I am in no way saying they are not a good mattress. But my experience in mattress retail makes me see nothing but an over priced product, using an extremely clever way of marketing to entice many customers.

Please remember this is an opinion of mine and I hope you research these companies and think logically before tapping the checkout button online.

Thanks guys!

Buying a mattress is personal..

Over the years I have had many customers walk in my stores or message me via email & social media regarding a mattress.

They proceed to tell me “I do NOT want memory foam”

When I respond with “why?”

I get the following response which always starts with “my friend/family member has memory foam, it makes them feel hot”

This is something I never understood. I always explained to a customer that selecting a new mattress is a BIG deal! It’s a purchase that does in fact impact your life. Every night or if you are poorly the one place you want & should be comfortable is bed!

Do not let any one influence your decision by listening to an opinion of another person.


Because everything about a mattress is personal. In most cases it is not a one person purchase. It is a purchase that requires compromise between partners.

Memory foam is the most common conversation topic between the customers.

Here is what you need to know about memory foam…

. It is a comfortable material which moulds to the shape of the body. If a person has told you they get hot in bed because of the memory foam it usually means they have purchased a full memory foam block mattress. Now this is important and I am against full.memory foam mattresses. My reason/opinion is the full memory foam can be quite absorbent of odours and sweat. The foam will breathe out what it can. However if you had a pocket spring mattress with an air flow boarder a mixture of hypoallergenic fabrics and fillings with a memory foam finish. The mattress is able to breathe more clearly and rid the unwanted odours from beneath the foam and out through the air vents.

Purchase a mattress that you want!

Why should you avoid major bed & mattress retailers

My company Barnsley Mattress direct have been trading within the mattress industry for many years. We have our own manufacturing company that creates each mattress to an impeccable standard. Our aim is simple… sell each mattress at a fair price and save people £££££

Please note this is not me being negative towards major retail companies. This is just the truth that unfortunately has to be told.

People work hard to live and pay their way through an expensive world. My post here is not just about my company, I want to help every small business out there doing everything they can to make a living, all the while trying to provide an honest service to the public.

You sit there watching your favourite programme and when the commercial breaks start you see the following. A major bed outlet showing products with a huge price tag. Offering sales of absolutely no value. Whether you pay attention or not you will absorb the information from these television adverts or nation newspaper advertisements. Brain washing the general public into believing that this is the price you should pay when purchasing your new bed or mattress.

WRONG! & Here’s why…

These companies have property leases, national advertisement costs, delivery staff, insurance, public liability & so on.

This immediately raises the cost of every product they sell, resulting in giving you a false valuation of a product.

Small business outlets and small online businesses are different. Lower overheads, very low advertising costs. We still sell quality and the same range of products, often with a much quicker delivery time. A more personal approach to customers.

We sell mattresses made to the same spec of the major retailers but we save you ££££

Save money, buy online or from your local bed shop.

Remember the price isn’t cheap. It is honest. That’s important for you to remember.

Trading standards wouldn’t allow us to trade if they were not of the same standard!